Hello! My name is Joanna. I’m a student, an aspiring writer, and a bad jazz musician. My current obsession is making sock monsters. I can fold my tongue in half, tell a really good anecdote about being attacked by a lion, and rant for hours about politics. Enough about me.

This week, I’m helping out on a WordPress blogging workshop at a Festival of Literature for Young people – hence, FLY – and so here I am, in the first workshop, setting up a WordPress blog. My ‘normal’ blog can be found at http://anadventureinnormality.blogspot.co.uk/, where I rant about topical issues and various going-ons in my life. This blog will be my ‘writers’ blog, where I post my poetry, ramblings, and maybe even a short story or two (if I ever finish them).

‘Corybantically’ comes from my twitter name (you can follow me @corybantically ). It’s a neologism from the word ‘corybantic’, a beautiful but sadly little used word meaning frenzied, agitated or unrestrained. Restraints are important in writing; they define genres and forms, and sometimes, they’re important for keeping people and they’re secrets safe. But restraints are also the hallmark of a failed society, just as the existance of government is the admission that we cannot create a perfect society, a ruleless utopia. ‘Unrestrained’ is an aspirational term, a dream, a hope for better things. And most importantly, it’s exciting. It is in the liminal, unrestrained places where new and exciting things happen. Corybantic.

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