Cutting Her Hair | Poetry Update 31.01.2014

Finally, another poem for this site! I’m working on a few things, and as I’m taking a poetry course this semester, updates on this blog will hopefully become more frequent…

I’m also trying to coax myself into submitting a few poems for magazines and journals. If you have any recommendations for places I should submit, please let me know in the comments!

I wrote two days ago, and presented it to my class. It’s for my sister, and best friend, whom I have had the privilege of watching grow into an amazing, confident woman – with very short hair.

Cutting Her HairĀ 

At twelve my sister wore
her hair long, and never spoke
to anyone at school.
Her friends thought
that she was sweet.
By fourteen she’d cut it
to her neck, and people said
she was alright, although
she could try harder.
In her choir we watched
her mime, head down.
Around seventeen she had it trimmed
to the base of her neck,
fragile as a flower stem.
Sometimes she raised
that lovely neck in class,
her thoughts escaping
by its’ white nape.
This year, eighteen and away
from us, she goes further,
cutting her hair back
to ‘boy-short’, pixie,
elf. The shy fringe has gone:
there are her eyes,
her wicked smile.
One day she will come to us
with her shaved head shining
like an egg, and no-one
will be able to deny
how beautiful she is.