Update – MA Poetry & ‘Undergrowth’

Hello! My apologies for not updating this blog more often. Until May I was busy finishing my degree, and I’m now enjoying  the break – possibly the last long summer holiday I’ll have for a while…

In a previous blog I believe I hinted that I was planning to stay on at university for a Masters degree. I made my final decision about where I was going a couple of weeks ago, and after receiving my degree results yesterday, I can confirm that I will be staying on at UEA to study on the MA Creative Writing, poetry strand. I am delighted, excited and a wee bit nervous (but mostly the first two). In a fortnight’s time I’ll be graduating alongside my friends in Congregation Hall. The entire experience of studying creative writing at UEA has been incredible – the creative atmosphere, the academic challenges, and the tight-knit community of writers and readers here make it something very special, and it’s a joy to be staying. Hopefully I’ll trick them into letting me stay forever, but for now, one year more is enough to be thinking about!

Self-criticism has somewhat got the better of me this year. With growing awareness of ‘good writing’ comes a growing awareness of the inadequacy of one’s own work, hence I’ve not submitted anything to zines or elsewhere for quite a long time. However, I am in this year’s UEA undergraduate anthology, Undergrowth, with one poem and a small role in selecting the poetry (not my own, I hasten to add. We had two reading groups!).The overall result is gorgeous – the editors did a great job and the writing inside is varied, funny, thought-provoking and intriguing. Do take a look!

Next time, I’ll attempt to post some actual poetry…


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