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My name is Joanna Hollins, and I’m a novice sister of the Society of the Sacred Cross, an Anglican Contemplative religious community in South Wales. I’ve also been a new monastic lay member, a student of the MA Creative Writing course at the University of East Anglia, an editor and poet, an administrator, and these days, a gardening trainee nun.

This blog was initially set up as a writing portfolio, and so in you’ll find links to places where my writing has been published, including poetry, sermons, and articles.

Previous publications include Underworld (2014) and Undergrowth (2015), the inaugural Undergraduate Creative Writing Anthologies – more information on this can be found on my page here, The Cadaverine – one of my poems can be found on their site here and another two here, and magazines including YMMonkey Kettle and Concrete. My MA work can be found in the 2016 UEA Creative Writing Anthology, which can be found here. I am very proud to have been supported by Ink, Sweat and Tears through my masters with their annual poetry scholarship.

Thank you for visiting this erratically maintained blog. Posts may be infrequent, but I’m very grateful to all those who have supported and continue to support my writing.

Twitter: @joanna_hollins
You can also contact me via email at: postittojoanna[at]gmail.com


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