NaPoWriMo Day 12

…and the second poem I post of NaPoWriMo. I have been writing, but haven’t typed up any of my notepad scribbles yet. Have another first draft poem! Title to be edited. ¬†Words definitely to be edited. Feels good to be writing spontaneously though – NaPo is clearly doing me some good! If you follow this at all, then I guess it’s fairly obvious what’s on my mind at the moment.


The buses rattle as the windows pass,
and every hour I wake on broken glass.
It’s night, it’s town and gone
too fast, and all below
flows quickly down the hill:
The dim strip bulbs and grey lit windowsills
all fit with smokers, plants and gulls,
the art student at his desk. Now
all rolls away: I’m slipping sleepless
back to Slough
where I belong. I’ve been away too long.

NaPoWriMo & an MA Offer

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog – my apologies!

First off, NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month). I have a poetry deadline coming up, so the discipline of having to write one poem a day will be very good for me! Here’s today’s effort, fresh off the keyboard and completely without edits. I like to return to my writing later to edit, so I’ll probably go over this again in a couple of weeks, or bring it to my class to be workshopped.


Half-moment: looking out a window, perhaps,
you let yourself think – what if everything
went easily: the money paid itself from accounts
that somehow always balanced,
the next bed came gifted, or offered open-handed
by some stroke of luck –
then you would slip into the next day
sleepy as a sluggish autumn term,
unworried by all the things that replace each other
as they come, tumbling
hot through your outstretched fingers.

Next item – news…. Firstly, One of the poems from my undergraduate dissertation,¬†world enough and time, is going to be published in the 2015 UEA undergraduate anthology. I was on one of the poetry subcommittee’s this year (not the one reading my own poem!), and I’m very pleased to have something in the anthology – it’s a lovely way to end my degree!

Lastly, I can say that it looks like I am going to be doing an MA in Creative Writing (Poetry). I now have an offer from a university which I like very much, and although things aren’t finalised yet and won’t be for a while, I’m very happy and excited about this opportunity. The encouragement of people reading this blog and commenting on my poems has been very important in giving me confidence in my own writing, so, thank you.